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Every piece is a work of art

Our Services


Custom framing

Expert quality custom picture framing service for all your photos, works on paper and three-dimensional articles for the home and office.


Art on display

Receptions for local artists occur several times a year. Their art is on display for a month in the gallery and are available for purchase.


Office decorating service

Art selection and frame design services to coordinate with your office environment.

Framing techniques & procedures

Frame & Mat Consultation provides clients with frame and mat choices, from economical to premium quality wood and metal moulding options. All work is performed on site by an experienced professional.




(including multi-openings and circular & oval openings)

  • Fabrics

  • Textured

  • Archival

    100% acid-free material, will not discolor over time




  • UV Glass

    protects art work from the sun's harmful UV rays

  • Conservation Glass

  • Museum Glass

    UV protection with anti-reflection properties

  • Plexi-Glass

    shatter resistant and light weight for larger projects

  • Optium

    UV conservation quality with scratch resistance and reflective




  • Drymount

  • Coldmount

  • Sewing of Textiles

    Uniform Jerseys, needle points,

  • 3-Dimensional items

    Military medals & awards, antiques, artifacts




  • Linen Hinges

  • Japanese Paper Hinges

    with wheat paste: the best archival method of hinging art work on paper

  • Floating Hinge

  • Photo Corner Hinge

  • Book Matting

About us

We are proud of our impeccable reputation for customer service that begins as you enter our shop.


Ted Wettig opened the Art Gallery & Frame shop in 1969 at 1100 Oak Street. The shop was also called "U-Frame-It" for a while, so that customers could purchase the supplies needed to frame their art and put it together themselves, while being guided by an employee. This became ineffective as customers found framing to be quite a bit more complicated than they expected. In 1995, our fearless leader's health declined and he passed away that December. Mary Ann Fierro, then the Office Manager, purchased the business from Mr. Wettig's estate. She decided interest in retiring in 2010 and I purchased the business in March 2011.

Business Art & Framing was my first custom picture framing job after I graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a B.A. in Art Studio/Photography. I worked here for 2 years while learning many custom picture framing techniques and departed with quality skills that led me to obtain managerial positions in other shops and galleries such as the prestigious GK Framing in New York City. This is where I obtained all of my archival and art handling experience in a state-of-the-art facility that is one of a kind. This frame shop houses an actual "clean room" which mimics an operating room complete with a hepa-filter that controls the humidity while purifying the air.

I had the extraordinary opportunity to assist clients with framing solutions for priceless works of art, either with monetary or sentimental value. Some of my clients who I serviced include the Kennedy's, Rockefeller's, Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Turner and Harrison Ford, to name a few. I continued to work in New York City for eight years before moving back to Syracuse where I continued my custom picture framing career in various capacities. In 2010, Mary Ann Fierro expressed her interest interest in retiring after 28 years at the shop by selling or ultimately closing the shop. Soon after hearing her intentions, I began to contemplate the purchasing of the business and soon after, took over the shop in March 2011. The transition was smooth since I had been working part-time for Mary Ann since 2005.

In April 2015 we saw an opportunity to relocate the shop to a more progressive area while greatly improving the workshop environment. The shop's current location is at 3513 James Street, in the Eastwood Plaza.


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